The magnetic fly screen door works so well we have ordered another. We have 4 busy dog’s and 2 cat’s so wasn’t sure it was going to be any good, it is fantastic, easy to put up and easy to use.

The Premier Magnetic Flyscreen Door– An Eco-Friendly Approach To Keep Your Home Free Of Mosquitos, Flies & Insects
Quick & easy to install heavy duty DIY screen door with NEW upgraded midge mesh material. Perfect solution for rental properties

Magnetic Door Screen | Magnet Screen Door | Magnetic Fly Screen Door


A Variety Of Options to Choose From

(38 customer reviews)


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Available in set pre-made sizes or custom made to your requirements

Keep mosquitos and bugs out of your home using the Simple Screen Magnetic Screen Door.

  • Heavy duty but lightweight screen door
  • Easy & quick to install – no tradesman tools required
  • Easily opens as you pass through it & automatically closes
  • NEW Midge Mesh material
  • MORE magnets (x36 to x40) than other cheap magnetic screen doors

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Width (W) x Height (H)
(please include in your measurements 2cm on the top & 2cm on each side – this is for the stitched velcro strip that attaches the screen to your door frame)

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It is lightweight and will take you seconds to install in your door. Simple Screens Magnetic Screen Door is super easy to install. Simply attach it to your door frame with the included adhesive Velcro strip. Extra push pins are included in our door kit for additional security and strength and also for door frames in poor conditions.


Your home will still look stylish with this mesh installed on the doorway. The screen door is made from the finest materials and craftsmanship. 28 Strong magnets are sewn inside a protecting fabric strip, reinforced polyester mesh designed to withstand countless cycles, full Velcro strip around the perimeter of the net ensures high stability while allowing smooth, hand-free passing.


Even if you leave your door open, you can still have a peace of mind about no mosquitoes getting inside your home. You can easily open them as you pass by it and it will automatically close. It has magnets built in between each half of the mesh which makes it automatically shut after you pass by it. You do not even have to use your hands to open the mesh door. So even if you are carrying something with your both hands, you can still get inside.


Keep bugs, mosquitos and other flies out with our screen that seals behind you magnetically as you walk through it. The polyester mesh allows fresh air to circulate while it’s protecting your house from bugs. With our screen door, you don’t need to close the door every time you pass through it. It opens and closes without using your hands, like magic! Just walk through it!


The polyester mesh fabric is stable enough to withstand many uses, and it’s also lightweight enough for children and pets to walk through without any difficulty, guaranteed to close every time. You don’t have to worry about your kid or pat leaving the door open ever again…
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Ordering Online

Which payment methods are accepted?

We currently only accept credit card payments, PayPal & Crypto currency. More payment methods will be added in the future.

What currency are the prices displayed in?

All of our prices are displayed in € EURO.

What are your delivery options and how long will it take?
  • IRELAND: Free delivery, 5-7 days
  • Other countries: Free delivery, 5-7 days
Do I get a receipt for my order?

You will be sent a receipt for your order by email after payment is made. You will also receive a confirmation email with a tracking number once your item has been shipped.

Do you have a shop location?
We are a “online insect screen supplier”, with no physical shop or premises. In this way, we are able to pass our considerable savings directly to you.

Product Shipping

How do I know if my order has been shipped?

Once your order is shipped, it will be marked as complete in our database and you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

I haven't received my order yet! Is it lost?

If you have any concerns with your order, please contact our support team by email and they will be glad to assist you. Most emails are answered within 1 business day.

Support Team:

Magnetic Screen Doors

Will this work on an aluminum frame?

Yes, it will. it’s attached with velcro, which attaches to the frame with self-sticky glue. The magnets are used to open and close the two sides of the screen. They open easily with a push, and close again by themselves, magnetically.

How do you attach it to,a sliding glass door. it shows a single door on the directions.does it only hang on the side that opens..?

If you have a double sliding glass door, but one side is fixed in place–only a single side of the door opens, then this will work. If both glass doors slide open, then this will not work. In the first instance, the frame of the fixed door serves as the second fixed edge for the screen to attach to. It must attach on both outsides and on the top

If i decide to remove the screen later, will the wood door frame be damaged when i pull off the magic tape?

No – The self adhesive tape uses a strong gum glue that is designed to be able to be removed without causing damage.

I have french doors that when you open both are 56 width and 93 in length do you have any that would fit?
You are able to order a custom made screen to fit any specific size door.
How many magnets in the middle of the screen door netting?
The middle seam of the screen door netting is strategically lined with powerful x36 magnetic strips for the 210cm height screens & x40 magnetic strips for the 240cm height screens . Immediately closes and strong wind will not open it.
Is this Reusable? What if I want just for summer, remove, and use the following summer.. ?
Yes it is reusable – just put up the screen with the push pins easy to install easy to take down. You can use the velcro tape around your door frame and choose to leave the tape on the door frame. If you choose to remove the tape between seasons you will have to repurchase the adhesive back velcro tape again when you are ready to use.
Can this screen be installed on a door with a stucco frame?
Can my cat go in and out?
You walk a few more times or you teach them and learn quickly.
Is this two separate pieces, or are the sides attached?
It’s sewed at the very top to make it one piece. Then down the middle magnet strips keep it together. The sides would be at what you attach to the door frame. The bottom two pieces are not attached.
What colour is the door screen?

The screens come in white, black and brown.

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DIY Magnetic Fly Screen Door

Finally a magnetic screen door with heavy duty magnets and a superior mesh curtain which lets you enjoy the breeze (insect free) in your house when leaving doors open

Some of the screen door features include:-

  • With x36 to 40 heavy duty magnets sewn into the seams this ensures a quick, automatic close each and every time.
  • Easy for children & pets to walk through while blocking off any flies and insects from entering the house.
  • Each magnetic flyscreen door is installed in minutes with no tradesman tools required.
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Fits single doors, sliding doors, RV’s and more
  • Instantly opens, magically closes
  • Long service life
  • Durable, easy to clean

Magnetic Insect Screens is committed to providing you with the best price and value on your next Do It Yourself magnetic screen door.

Avoid the cheap mesh screen doors

Compared to the cheap insect screen mesh doors, this premium mesh material is more durable and will last longer in your home. The density of this door curtain is midge mesh.

This mesh is not only great in keeping out flies and insects, but also allows fresh air and sunshine into your home.

Some benefits of buying the better quality fibreglass mesh models include:

  1. Chemical corrosion resistant
  2. Retains a good natural looking solid shape

Tips For Purchasing A DIY Magnetic Screen Door

  • The screen mesh is folded within the bagged packaging. Please be careful when you opening the packaging, not to use scissors or a sharp tool which might damage the mesh
  • The mesh being used is often referred to as insect mesh, this mesh is not easy to break, and does not leave a crease marks.

38 reviews for Magnetic Door Screen | Magnet Screen Door | Magnetic Fly Screen Door

  1. Lynda

    Excellent product. Much better than I expected. Easy to put up and delivery was very prompt. Will be ordering screens for the windows soon

  2. Ingrid Jacobs

    Fast delivery. Superb experience with the team. Will definitely order again!

  3. Danica Holloway

    I love the new screens. They were easy to assemble and looks perfect for my office.

  4. Nancy

    The sample they gave me was nice and it fit the edges very well. I highly recommend this product and has a great value for money.

  5. Steph Miller

    Our rental property requires no permanent marks and easy to assemble products. This is the best we’ve got so far and are very happy with the results. The delivery only took a couple of days, thank you.

  6. Jim Gunt

    This is our 8th time ordering and each time, our expectations are always met. I’m happy to have found your product.

  7. Hailey Short

    great custom fit design, fast delivery

  8. Julia Shmidt

    I was very happy with this product. Highly recommended.

  9. Ginny Spence

    The magnetic fly screen door works so well we have ordered another. We have 4 busy dog’s and 2 cat’s so wasn’t sure it was going to be any good, it is fantastic, easy to put up and easy to use.

  10. Peter McCue

    Bought two magnetic flyscreens for holiday rental by the beach as the house had no flyscreen doors. Took a while to install
    but good temporary solution.

  11. Michael M

    Quick delivery and easy to fit. Follow instructions as the small clearance at the bottom of the screen is critical for efficient closing. Excel l ent product.

  12. Glenn

    Great screen, easy to put up and keeps the flies out… I got a custom made one and fits perfectly.. Easy to open via the magnet opening and go thru – the magnets work great and seals properly.. Many Thanks

  13. siva sarma

    Great product.It fits perfectly for my door and the quality looks good.Thank you.

  14. Lynne

    Great product, very happy withit, and great delivery service. Thanks

  15. Merrilyn

    This is the 3rd screen we have had on our caravan all the other ones have been for a regular door so I had to cut then down to fit. This one was 70cm and made specifically for a caravan, I found it fits much better and easier.

    I love it and when this one wears out will be coming back to buy the next one.

  16. Doreen

    Very good

  17. Doreen

    Bit tricky to get it to fold up properly and stay in with the thumb tracks but when it’s right it works fantastic!!! Glad my husband could work it out. Thank you

  18. Sonia

    …….actually this was a christmas gift for my sister in law in Melbourne, and just put up this week, and loves it

  19. Julia D’Costa

    The theory behind it is good, we have French doors with shutters so no regular fly screen will fit. The magnets are not that strong, I had to manipulate them together to stick. The material frayed alittle around the edges. Overall, I’m happy as I had no other solution. The customer service was fantastic and very helpful.

  20. Andrew

    Screen fantastic. Have family visiting with two dogs. Screen opens easily and lets them in and out without losing the protection of flys and mozzies
    Thank you

  21. Karen Hooker

    Excellent, thank you….

  22. Craig

    Quality of the product is great. Way better than the last one i bought

  23. Val Rappold

    Great product. Unfortunately puppy ate the bottom of the net. Would love a repair kit as optional purchase

  24. Tina

    Life changing! We live next to a lake, so mosquitos are a real problem. Fitting these screens really have been life changing. We can get fresh air minus the bugs! Thank you 😃 And the service and delivery were A+

  25. Christina

    Very fast delivery – ordered on Friday and arrived Melbourne three days later on Monday by DHL, from Thailand via Singapore. Quality of product much better than the cheap ones at the shops. Size was perfect for our double french doors. Setup was straight forward. Magnets did not close automatically initially – easily fixed by loosening the velcro, and making sure that the midpoint on top is slightly higher than the sides. Now works perfectly and very happy.

  26. K wheeler

    Great quality….cheaper ones I have purchased fell apart within weeks but this is obviously better quality &design .very happy &will purchase again.

  27. Kathy

    Product is great. We use it as a dog door do he can come and go, but the flies stay out.

  28. Anne Wilks

    Excellent product, worth the extra money compared with the cheaper versions. So easy to install. Have just ordered a second one!

  29. sharonne

    Very happy with this product. Does the job keeping the flies out. Would purchase again

  30. Francesco

    Extremely happy with the fast and professional service. The door screen arrived and is just as good as I expected. Thanks again

  31. Dennis Wood

    Hi Folks,

    it was delivered yesterday, we put it up and couldn’t be happier, it went up really easy (we had it a bit tight initially & the magnets wouldn’t meet, easily fixed, just repositioned the tape quickly & loosened it a little) and works a treat.

    Thanks again. . .

  32. Mellissa Pierce

    Great and easy to put up. Will be ordering another one for the door upstairs

  33. Georges

    Fabulous, great service … the product is wonderful. Thank you Georges

  34. Renee

    I have purchased over 8 of these from different companies and none compare to your product. So glad I found your website

  35. Mitch Small

    Received the fly screen door and it went up easily and worked a treat, only problem was we left a puppy unattended and they shredded the door, but would still buy again as it worked perfectly on our back door

  36. Anders Aaberg

    we received the package today. Exceptional service and the screens look great.

  37. Angela LNA Events

    ………we really love the screens.

  38. Greg Cowie

    Product looks and works great….may thanks Greg

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